Chiropractic and Health

Chiropractic and Health
Chiropractic is based on the scientific principle that your body has the ability to heal itself. The body and all of its functions are controlled by the brain, which communicates with the body through nerves. The spine, which protects the nerves, can become a source of nerve irritation. This nerve irritation does not allow the body to respond to the daily stresses placed on it, resulting in pain and disease. Vertebrae that are displaced and interfering with nerve function are called subluxations. Chiropractors treat subluxations by adjusting the spine (putting the vertebrae into the correct place) and removing the nerve irritation that is causing the problem.

Where medicine uses drugs and surgery, chiropractic focuses on optimizing the body's innate healing abilities. By restoring normal mobility to malfunctioning areas of the spine pain is relieved and normal function of the nerves is restored. Treatment may also include physical therapy modalities (heat, cold, massage), advice on nutrition and lifestyle modifications and customized exercise programs. Our focus is on patient empowerment and independence through education and self-help exercises.

The length of a treatment varies due to several different factors. Your age, physical condition, previous history of accidents or surgeries, occupational requirements and how well you adhere to our treatment program all contribute to your recovery process. Relief of pain usually happens quickly, though rehabilitation may take longer. A recommended treatment plan based on your personal needs will be discussed with you before you start treatment.

Our treatment plans generally consist of three phases. The first phase of care, "The Acute Phase", is designed to get you out of pain as quickly as possible. The second phase of care, "The Rehabilitation Phase", is designed to correct the cause of your health problems by improving the strength and flexibility of your spine. The third phase of care, "The Maintenance Phase", is designed to support your spine and optimize your health to prevent re-injury.

The following are common conditions of patients who come to us:

    1. Low back, hip and/or leg pain or numbness
    2. Neck, shoulder and arm pain, tingling or numbness
    3. Chronic headaches
    4. Knee and/or ankle pain or injury
    5. All types of sports, dance and work injuries
    6. Carpal Tunnel symptoms
    7. Pain between shoulder blades
    8. Difficulty sitting, bending and lifting
    9. Problems sleeping due to neck or back pain
    10. Unsuccessful neck or back surgery resulting in recurrent symptoms
    11. Recommended for surgery by another physician
    12. Elbow tendonitis
    13. Recurring joint pain, stiffness or swelling
    14. Auto accident injury
    15. Inability to walk for reasonable distances without back or leg pain
    16. General malaise or weakness
    17. Inability to perform daily activities

If your problem is not on this list it does not mean chiropractic care/treatment cannot help you. If you have a question regarding your health you can reach us at 231-734-2791, and one our friendly staff members will be happy to answer your questions.     

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